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We’re one of Australia’s largest super funds and proud to take care of more than $280 billion in retirement savings for over 2.3 million Australians.

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Investment option changes

We're launching a new investment option menu on 1 July 2024. Please visit the Info hub to learn how this affects Accumulation and Income accounts.

Welcome to BlueScope Super

Your employer has entrusted Australian Retirement Trust as the super fund for its employees for good reason.

Australian Retirement Trust is the super fund formed through the merger of Sunsuper and QSuper. As one of Australia’s largest super funds, over 2.3 million Australians trust us to take care of more than $260 billion in their retirement savings.

As a fund that works for members, not shareholders, we work in members’ best interests and are committed to returning profits to them as lower fees and better services. 

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NEW Micro-learning modules

Our new library of quick videos to help manage your super is now available. The more you know, the more you can take charge of your financial future.

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Educational videos

We've developed some videos to help you get the most from your super.

This webinar discusses the potential benefits of adding more to super now, the different ways to do it, and the rules associated.



Women face some unique challenges in accumulating super which often results in significantly less financial independence at retirement. Key learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding differences in superannuation savings for women vs men
  • Strategies to grow their super balances through contributions
  • Ensuring their super is invested in a way that helps achieve their goals
  • Protecting themselves and their loved ones through insurance and nomination of beneficiaries
  • Actions to take now, and how to access financial advice


In this video our National Education Manager, Joshua van Gestel and our Head of Investment Strategy, Andrew Fisher discuss: 

  • How Australian Retirement Trust invests your super;
  • How the Super Savings investment options have performed over the long term and over the last 12 months;
  • Important considerations for the next 12 months; and
  • Considerations for making investment choices with your super.


    This webinar discusses the types of insurance cover that may be available through a super fund and the importance of choosing who’ll get your super and insurance benefits when you die. Tax implication of death benefits paid to beneficiaries is also considered along with information about wills and a power of attorney and why they can also be important when thinking about your super.



    For those approaching retirement, this webcast covers your desired retirement lifestyle and how much super you might need to fund it, contribution strategies, investment considerations, our Income accounts, the Age Pension, and accessing financial advice.



    The importance of Nominating a Beneficiary on your superannuation account.



    Your Plan

    The information and documents contained on this site are unique to your Australian Retirement Trust plan.

    However some links may take you to the Australian Retirement Trust public site which contains general information that may be relevant to you but does not take into consideration your plan-specific arrangements.

     Product update (Super Savings) for May 2024  
    We’ll be making changes to administration fees and investments from 1 July 2024. Please read this Product update for more details.
    Super Savings – Corporate Product Disclosure Statement for Accumulation Account [pdf, 1.3MB]
    A summary of the significant information you need about your Super Savings – Corporate account, including standard insurance and fees.
    Super Savings – Corporate Insurance Guide [pdf, 434.5KB]
    This guide details the standard and additional insurance available in your plan and the fees and costs that apply to your account.
    Super Savings Accumulation Guide [pdf, 5.8MB]
    Important information about how superannuation works (including Income accounts), and more details of the fees and costs that apply to your account.
    Super Savings Investment Guide [pdf, 2.3MB]
    Details of the investment option available to you, and information on determining your investor needs.
    Target Market Determinations [pdf, 25.1KB]
    Target Market Determinations
    This page provides information about Target Market Determinations. It describes the target markets for which Australian Retirement Trust products have been designed, taking into consideration their likely objectives, financial situation and needs.
    Membership application form [pdf, 1.3MB]
    Use this form (at the back of the PDS) to apply for membership to BlueScope Super.
    Transfer of insurance cover form [pdf, 265.5KB]
    Use this form to transfer your current insurance cover to Australian Retirement Trust.
    Change of insurance cover form [pdf, 330.7KB]
    Use this form to change your level of insurance within the standard cover provided OR to apply for Additional insurance.
    Binding death nomination [pdf, 290.6KB]
    Use this form to make, change or cancel a binding death benefit nomination.
    Personal health summary [pdf, 306.9KB]
    Use this form to increase your insurance cover if your cover has been restricted to the Automatic Acceptance Limit (AAL).
    Insurance variation form [pdf, 234.3KB]
    Use this form to reduce or cancel your insurance cover.
    Life Event Insurance options form [pdf, 172KB]

    Use this form to apply for additional Death and Total & Permanent Disability cover at certain Life Events.

    Consolidate your super form [pdf, 210KB]
    Use this form to consolidate (rollover) your super from other accounts into your Australian Retirement Trust account. 
    Why join ART? [pdf, 1.2MB]
    A quick look at the benefits of joining BlueScope Super - Staff employees with Australian Retirement Trust.
    New starter flyer [pdf, 459.4KB]
    Quick guide to review the benefits of joining BlueScope Super - Staff employees with Australian Retirement Trust.
    Membership application form [pdf, 1.3MB]
    Use this form (at the back of the PDS) to apply for membership to BlueScope Super.
    BlueScope Super - Selecting Australian Retirement Trust [pdf, 190.2KB]
    An allowable alternative to the ATO’s Standard Choice Form. Provide this form to your employer to choose BlueScope Super for your superannuation contributions.
    ATO Superannuation Standard Choice form [pdf, 429.7KB]
    The ATO’s standard choice form. Provide to your employer when electing or changing your choice of fund.
    Australian Retirement Trust Retirement Fact Sheet [pdf, 150.7KB]

    This fact sheet provides information to support and maximise your lifestyle in retirement.

    Changes to ongoing fees and costs factsheet [pdf, 1.3MB]
    The information in this factsheet relates to Changes to ongoing fees and costs that came into effect on 1 July 2022.
    Super rates and thresholds fact sheet [pdf, 170.3KB]

    The Super rates and thresholds fact sheet provides information on the contribution caps and thresholds for the 2021-22 financial year.

    A focus on strong, long-term returns

    We're focused on growing your super over the long term. In fact, our Balanced option for Super Savings Accumulation accounts delivered 8.3% p.a. over the 10 years to 31 March 2024. It's also ranked in the top 3 balanced options surveyed over 3, 5, 7 and 10 years.1

    1. Over the 10 years to 31 Mach 2024, our Super Savings Balanced option returned 8.30% p.a. (Accumulation), 8.26% p.a. (Super Savings Lifecycle Investment Strategy - Balanced Pool), and 9.14% p.a. (Income). The option has adopted the pre-merger investment strategy of the Sunsuper Balanced option. Source: SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey - SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index, 31 March 2024. The industry median return for the SR50 Balanced (60-76) Index comprises the 50 largest investment options with a similar asset allocation to growth style assets between 60-76%. The Super Savings Balanced option has identical investments to the Balanced Pool in the Lifecycle Investment Strategy. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Ratings and awards are only one factor to be taken into account when deciding to invest. Investment returns are net of investment fees and costs, transaction costs and investment taxes (where applicable). Super Savings products issued by Australian Retirement Trust Pty Ltd (ABN 88 010 720 840, AFSL No. 228975) as trustee for Australian Retirement Trust (ABN 60 905 115 063). Consider the Super Savings product disclosure statements and TMDs before deciding.
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